The Blues and Jives of Dr. Hepcat

by Alan Govenar


Details: Arcadian Press (Caren Heft), Racine, Wisconsin, 1994
Letterpress on Root River Mill abaca papers; sewn binding; book 7” x 18” x 1”, case closed. Encased in a box, includes a tape and a replica of the original pamphlet published by Lavada Durst on jive talk.
Edition: 75

Encased in a drop spine box, the book includes a tape of Levada Durst playing stride piano and a replica of the original pamphlet published by Lavada Durst on jive talk. Durst was the first (probably) African-American disc jockey in the U.S. (Austin, Texas, KVET, late 1940s, early 1950s). He played jazz and talked jive on his program. To enlighten the uncool, he published a pamphlet of jive terms and suggested usage.

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