For Boys Who Dream of War

by Alan Govenar


Details: Arcadian Press (Caren Heft), Racine, Wisconsin, 2005
16 pages; triangular book 17" x 12" x 12", resting in a triangular box 25" x 17 3/4" x 17 3/4".
Edition: 49

When Smokey's remains were returned to his family in 1989, the official version of his death differed from that of his friends. That was the reason for this book. In the text by Alan Govenar, he juxtaposes the Smokey's story with his childhood memories and dreams that were never realized.

Thanks to Alan Govenar who wrote the text; to Kristin Thielking, Keven Brunett and Elizabeth Lagan who made the molds for the wounded WWI glass soldier, cast, polished and inscribed them.

The soldiers are inscribed with either the number of American military dead in Vietnam or the number of Vietnamese civilians killed or wounded during that war. The WWII first aid kit contains a wound dressing, sulfa powder and instructions.

The Root River Mill paper was made by Jeff Morin, Brian Borchardt and me one cold January weekend. The Hahnemuhle paper was sized and tinted on a hot summer day.

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