Daddy Double Do Love You

by Alan Govenar, Amos Kennedy, Daniel Dunnam, and Kelli Anderson


Details: 1993, 2002; The Music of John T. Samples; Hardcover;
includes seven song 45rpm record; 9.25" x 10” x 1/2"
Edition: 25

Originally created by Amos Kennedy in 1993 this book was written by Alan Govenar based on his interviews with John T. Samples. In 2002 Daniel Dunnam and Kelli Anderson recreated the book, this time as a hardback artist book.

Since boyhood, Mr. Samples had dreamed of recording his own record. This book tells his story and ends by revealing a 45rpm record in a sleeve on the back page.

The record, Daddy Double Do Love You, contains 7 songs: "Beautiful Lady in Blue," "Daddy Double Do Love You," God Be With You," "Till We Meet Again," "Hen Cackle," "Nobody's Business," and "Listen to the Mockingbird."